GR/MA Veteran Association


               Welcome, Graves Registration and Mortuary Affairs veterans and friends! 

Welcome to the home page of  your  GR/MA Veteran Association!   We have added this site to help keep you up to date and informed about our upcoming events and information. 

Mission Statement - an explanation of who and why we are:

            Welcome to the Graves Registration Mortuary Affairs Veteran Association website.  We are a non-profit association comprised of veterans of all conflicts with GR/MA experience, MOS, or duty with any GR/MA unit. We also have associate members who have a long standing interest in  GR/MA or friendship with a veteran of this service.

            Our purpose is to honor our ongoing commitment to the dignity, reverence,  and respect with which we have served our fallen service members, and to share the history and camaraderie of this very special service with each other and those who are unaware of this service.

            Our members seek to reach out and share our experiences with those new to this service.  We are available to any soldier or veteran who needs to talk or share their military experience.  We understand what our peers and younger 57F's and 92M's have been through, "WE have been there".  Our spouses and significant others, are here for family support.  We are willing to help in navigating through the VA system  when the need arises.  Seeking emotional health support is not a weakness.  " a normal reaction to an abnormal situation"

            We are especially interested in those recently deployed or returned from service, recently graduated GR/MA specialists, and those attending the MA Quartermaster school. 

            If you are a veteran of any branch of service, have served in any conflict, and are interested joining our association, or are just interested in the history of our service, and would like to become a member, please go to the Membership tab and follow the directions




GR/MA Veteran Association 

GR/MA OFFICERS for 2017 -2019 are: 

President:   Agnes Hayhurst   (Ohio)

Vice-president:   James  E. Branch Jr. (Virginia)

Treasurer: Diana Redlinski   (New York)

Chaplain:  Samuel Wingfield (Virginia)

Secretary:  Jennifer Reed  (Virginia)

    We want give a special thanks to our World War II veterans for getting us younger vets involved in making this association continue.  With everyone's help, we hope to continue the tradition and find our even younger brother and sister veterans to join this very elite group. 


Thank you, to all who have served in this noble MOS.